Quan Lan Island Beach Resort

12:09 AM

Situated in a group of islands on Bai Tu Long bay, Quan Lan is endowed with many advantages, boasting not only beauty spots but also historical and traditional values.

Coming to Quan Lan gives you a chance to become explorers of the 21st century, exploring a seacoast with thousands of natural wonders, stepping onto untouched islands, sunbathing on pure beaches namely Quan Lan, Minh Chau, Ngoc Vung, Son Hao. You will be served with famous seafood such as holothurian, abalone, sa sung… netted from Rong Doi bay. Spending the night in nice house-on-stilts located by the sea side, you can, in a moment, forget all burdens of life to let your soul lifted in the moonlight. Walking on smooth ways among sea pine woods or singing together with local fishermen will leave you unforgettable memory.

Visiting Quan Lan, where public houses, pagodas and temples built in the Ly dynasty and Van Don, Vietnam’s first commercial port are located can enrich your historical knowledge with precious information about civilizations named Soi Nhu, Ha Giat…

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